Porsche 928 Holdup 2

Porsche 928 in action by cobra 11 (D)

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DIY - drilling out stripped brake rotor screws
Sometime, you come across a stripped or stuck screw on brake rotors - and it needs to be drilled out to remove the rotor. This DIY demonstrates how it's done on a Porsche 996, however, it applies to the full Porsche line-up, plus most other European cars. See my other videos for step-by-step instructions on changing front and rear bolts.

Ford Escape recall. 2001 to 2004 Ford Escape.
This is force solution to fixing the undercarriage subframe issue. Just amazes me how they drill the hole to put in the bar into a rusty destroyed subframe engine cradle. Amazing. The recall was done at a Ford dealership in Gurnee Illinois June 14, 2014. Recall # 14S02

Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous vs Ferrari F430 Drag Racing and Roll Racing
How does the Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous hold up against a Ferrari F430? Check out the 3 races in this video... Subscribe HERE For more: https://goo.gl/ZRnBRR If you like the sound in this video, check out how to setup a GoPro with external Exhaust microphones here: http://www.dragtimes.com/blog/how-to-record-great-Exhaust-sound-videos-and-clips-using-a-gopro-and -external-microphone

Proclip / Brodit + magnet fastener + iPhone mount in my Porsche 997.1
Proclip iPhone / Samsung Phone mount in my Porsche 997 Carrera S cab. I have used the unique Proclip for the 997 and added a std mobile phone magnet mount to make it look clean and to be able to turn the phone horizontal and vertical.