Porsche 928 Holdup 2

Porsche 928 in action by cobra 11 (D)

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Porsche 928 S4 Heilige Koe
Porsche 928 S4 de heilige koe

Porsche 928 GTS original DVD
Porsche 928 original DVD 1995

Front Hood Strut Replacement Porsche Carrera 911 1999-2004
Today on 2CarPros we show you how to replace the front hood struts for a Porsche Carrera 996 1999-2004. If you have any further interest please visit http://www.2carpros.com *Disclaimer: Please use all safety precautions

DIY - drilling out stripped brake rotor screws
Sometime, you come across a stripped or stuck screw on brake rotors - and it needs to be drilled out to remove the rotor. This DIY demonstrates how it's done on a Porsche 996, however, it applies to the full Porsche line-up, plus most other European cars. See my other videos for step-by-step instructions on changing front and rear bolts.