Porsche 928 Holdup 2

Porsche 928 in action by cobra 11 (D)

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The 928 running for the first time in 7 or 8 years...
Finally got the 928 going after a long nap. I repainted the car and parked in in about '94. I started it until it developed a fuel leak and I couldn't keep it in the garage with gas in the tank. This week we found it had a bad "O" ring...cost about 10 cents to fix...plus countless hours of bad language. But it still runs like a charm! Time to finally put the interior back together and have some fun!

Pajen Rocker opp nabolaget med Porsche 928!
Pajen AKA the Mark paid me a visit a couple of weeks ago and couldnt resist taking my budget racer for a nice burnout after he choked it... Was it the plan all along to do dounuts, or was it due to the embarassing quelling of the engine..?!! Who knows... Hajen wont comment... My neighbour totally freaked and blamed me...! But I totally praise Hajen for making those lasting rubber marks in front of my mailbox... Respect! And special thx to Ketil for filming and especially for survivng...!!!!

Porsche 928 GTS original DVD
Porsche 928 original DVD 1995

porsche 928 gt straight pipes 1
porsche 928 gt straight pipes