Cuda vs Nova at the dragstrip

This is a early 70s Cuda vs was looks like a mid 70s Nova(im not sure though sense im not to big into those years)at the drag strip.

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76 Chevy Nova SS
Street driven straight motor on a so so pass

72 nova vs. mustang
72 nova vs. Mustang

1977 Nova at Thunder Valley Drag strip
We just got this car done and this was it's first night on the track. lots of hard work and alot more to go. Not a fast run but we had to start some place. Steve Petty, John Everett, Geoff Atwood, Crew chief Gean Brownfield. Thanks to Ninja Mike for shooting this video.

Chevy Nova vs Nissan Skyline R32
Mikey No No in the Chevy Nova vs Nissan Skyline R32 Import vs American Muscle Nova is N/A NO BOTTLE!!! don't know the specs because the owner doesn't want people to know VS Nissan Skyline GTS w/ RB26 swap and AWD conversion, Single turbo on small N2O hit (car ran 10.2 the next day at the track on just Boost)