Kicker L7 15's zx2500.1

so here it is, i finally got my box carpeted and fixed the brace that had been sacrificing uber lows and making tremendous amounts of rattling noises. i am very pleased with the results, no rattle, and it looks super sexy! thanks to visions electronics for carpeting my sub box looks great. at one point in the video when i put my camera on top of my car i wanted to show the camera dance around but the bass made it switch modes which ended the filming :( oh well! more to come! enjoy! 2 15 inch kicker L7's D2 Kicker zx2500.1 Kicker zx350.4 Optima d34/78 yellow top Rockford T162S components up front Alpine Type S 5x7 in the rear Alpine cda-7897 head unit

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Kicker 15" L7s
Box- 29 hz, 6.2 cubic feet Amp- Hifonics BXI 2607d @ 1ohm Two Kicker L7 15's 0 gauge Alpine 9883

2 15 Kicker L7s SLAPPIN n GXP
Bangin that Hypnotize by: Young Jeezy

Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 Shooting
this is me shooting my remington 700 sps tactical in .308. i finally figure i have it sighted in, i may take another calm day and add another inch higher to compensate for longer distances but that'll be another video... i dont want to hear a bunch of shooters comment on my vid saying they can throw down 1/4 inch groups at 100 200 or even 500 yards. good for you but i dont care, this is me putting the first 40 some rounds through this gun and my first experience with a high powered rifle so i think 1 inch groups is pretty decent (other than that one shooter error shot on the far left). anyways enjoy the vid and that gun is awesome.

Music @ 157.4db - Neill Barber Bass Race
(24) 10" Kicker L7's doing their job. Inside view of a Bass Race fun run of 157.4db on music. I know it appears different subs are moving at different times but that is due to the camera not able to capture enough frame rate to keep up. Second half of the video is slowed down and the music is off time. Sorry bout that!