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Kicker L7 15's zx2500.1

so here it is, i finally got my box carpeted and fixed the brace that had been sacrificing uber lows and making tremendous amounts of rattling noises. i am very pleased with the results, no rattle, and it looks super sexy! thanks to visions electronics for carpeting my sub box looks great. at one point in the video when i put my camera on top of my car i wanted to show the camera dance around but the bass made it switch modes which ended the filming :( oh well! more to come! enjoy! 2 15 inch kicker L7's D2 Kicker zx2500.1 Kicker zx350.4 Optima d34/78 yellow top Rockford T162S components up front Alpine Type S 5x7 in the rear Alpine cda-7897 head unit


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Kicker 15" L7s
Box- 29 hz, 6.2 cubic feet Amp- Hifonics BXI 2607d @ 1ohm Two Kicker L7 15's 0 gauge Alpine 9883

2 Kicker L7 15" 2000RMS 2Ohmz (Stolen)
-------------Update (09/4/09) Some1 stole our 2 15s/custom made box today. We're gonna get the parking lot video Tuesday from school and hopefully find out who did this BS. They left everything else like the head unit, amps, CDs, ect. ------------------------------------ Plz Comment This is my new & improved box. 2 Kicker L7s. One is the '06 version & the other is the '08. Yes, there in separate chambers so there's no cancellation. BTW there's duck tape on our sunroof, as you can see in the second part of the video. But we'll fix it sooner or later. And I know that our '06 is dirty so yea. We will eventually get speaker terminals to instead of wires coming out the box. 1 Kicker 06S15L7 1 Kicker 08S15L7 0 Gauge Wiring Alphasonik 1200PMA Kenwood 60rms x4 Panasonic Head Unit Kicker 05KS652 Component Speakers

Kicker L7 15" - DX1000.1 - Thug Motivation 101
A 2011 Kicker L7 15" doing what it does best. System Rundown : - 2011 Kicker L7 15" - 2010 Kicker DX1000.1 - Pioneer Deck - 4 gauge power and ground - Kinetik HC1800 up front - Big three upgrade in 0 gauge 4Runner info : - 1998 - 2.7L 4cylinder - 35% tint up front - 15% in the back (I do not claim the rights to this song)

DEFINITELY SHAKIN' - YOUR ride (me behind you) Tremendous BASS 41 (4 18's 20kw)
i made a bunch of videos today but this one is my favorite. I had my boy Toof grab the camera and show you guys what its like to be behind me out on the road if i should so happen to turn it up. If you have woofers, turn them up on this video and you can hear how far away my system can be heard.....

Two 12 inch Kicker L7 zx 1500.1
Two 12inch Kicker L7 subs Zx 1500.1 Kicker amplifier 6x8 Kicker door speakers 1/0 gauge wire Lil Jon- Throw it up IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO, WATCH MY OTHER VIDEO WITH A MUCH BETTER BOX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv9vPWDUUiY

Kicker L7 15 : Drake "Cameras" off the New "Take Care" album
I was testing out Drakes new CD "Take Care" and found this song... It hits pretty hard lol. Also, I got a new iPhone so now I can make videos more regularly. The System : - Kicker L7 15" 2011 Model - Kicker DX1000.1 2010 Model - Pioneer DEH-P3000IB head unit - Stock Speakers - Kinetik HC1800 Battery up front - The "big three" in 0 guage *The Subwoofer box is 5.4 cubic feet tuned to 36hz* The Artist : Drake The Song : "Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude" The Album : Take Care I don't own the rights, the record label does... there, hopefully that will keep them happy. For anyone who has read this far, and is interested, the Vehicle is a 1998 Toyota 4Runner. The window tinting is 35% in the front and 15% over stock on all the back windows. The taillights were tinted using VHT Night Shade translucent paint. The rims were painted with "Por15" Gloss Black Paint. The door pillars, door handles, grill, gas tank cover, and the rear "spoiler" were all carbon fibered using 3M Di-Noc Vinyl. If you have any questions leave them in the comments or PM me.

Music @ 157.4db - Neill Barber Bass Race
(24) 10" Kicker L7's doing their job. Inside view of a Bass Race fun run of 157.4db on music. I know it appears different subs are moving at different times but that is due to the camera not able to capture enough frame rate to keep up. Second half of the video is slowed down and the music is off time. Sorry bout that!

2 kicker l7 15's ground pound bass volume 3
we finally got the 2 l7's in there and it pounds now just waiting for more money to get 2 more 15's

Kicker L7 15" flexing a navigator
Subscribe so you see more awesome builds! All these flex from a single 15. 08 Kicker L7 15" Kicker ZX1500.1 Kinetik HC2000 Flexing a navigator

Kicker Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer Review
Get yours!: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/search.php?keyword=08+%22Solo-baric+L7%22&ac tion=search Check out the loud Kicker L7. We didn't hook up the L7 for this video (that will come later), but we do talk about a lot of the technology behind the Kicker Solo-Baric L7. The original square L7 subwoofer has come a long way since its release in 2000. Get a closer look at one of the loudest subwoofers out there today! Main page: http://www.sonicelectronix.com

Ray's XXXploader 4 15" Kicker L7 Subs / 24" Wheels / Old vid, bagged and custom paint now
*Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEF65AH-Qyw ] to see my new paint and bags or watch the music video my truck was in at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkWEgobnjms&feature=youtu.be * 2008 Ford Explorer. Daily driver / 150.1db on TermLab at IASCA competition. Four 15" Kicker L7 Subs, 3 sets of Infinity Kappa components (2 6x8s, 4 5x7s, 4 1 1/2" tweeters), 2 2500.1 Kicker amps, 1 650.4 Kicker amp, 3 XS D3100 batts, 300 amp ohio alternator (soon to swap for 370 with voltage regulator), dynamat throughout, 3 screens, custom door panels and 'a' pillar pods wrapped to match other carbon fiber accents throughout the interior, 24" black and chrome rims, billet grill. Now painted Wild Strawberry and Light Champagne in an interweaving flame design and air ride is installed. Representing the Hater Candy Car/Truck/Bike Club.

My system pt. 5: 2 Kicker l7 15s and 2500 watts
Demo of my system using various songs: Beelow - Jigga City Step (intro) 3 6 mafia - Late Night Tip Mike Jones - Got it Screwed UP Usher - Yeah Lil Boosie - Zoom Birdman, Lil wayne - Pop Bottles I'm sorry for the poor sound quality and video editing. But yea I'll get a new camera eventually. What I got: 2 Kicker L7 15s Kicker ZX 2500.1 Eclipse EA4000 Eclipse CD3100 Tsunami 5 farad cap 4 pioneer REV 6x9s 2 pioneer REV 6 1/2 2 alternators 1 yellow top battery also of note, the doors are wide ass open so it's not hitting as hard as it would with all of them closed. I'll post a vid with doors closed shortly. questions or comments? feel free to ask!

Kicker Solobaric 15 L7's
Old System Song- "Throw It Up" by Lil John and the eastside boyz Two Kicker L7 15s Crunch PZI 3000 @ 1 ohm 0 gauge wiring

MTX Thunder Elite 2 12" Kicker Solo-Baric L7
To view the system at full power go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P_A06DaLDM&feature=youtu.be Subscribe for more MTX Thunder Elite 2 12" Kicker Solo-Baric L7 1750W My MTX Thunder Elite 1501d Amp 2 Kicker Solo-Baric L7 12" Subwoofers 5 farad capacitor with 0 Gage Wire And Rockford Fosgate T400-2 Amp Alpine door and rear panel speakers (mids) Alpine tweeters (highs) Toyota Corolla S 2008

2 15 Kicker L7s SLAPPIN n GXP
Bangin that Hypnotize by: Young Jeezy

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