2.8l V6 Chevy Engine For Sale

I am selling my v6 from my s10. It's a 2.8l v6 with new rings, spark plugs and wires. The guy I bought it from did the engine work, I'm selling it cause I want to put a diesel in it. Make an offer! Located in Moscow, ID. I also have other parts from an s10 if you want them.

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Starting the 'other' 2.8 Chevrolet motor 1-23-10
Re-put-together with parts from the 2.8 I shot with my hakim, this engine had a spun rod bearing which messed up the crank, and rod. I re-assembled it with the crank from the other engine, and one rod, and fabricated an adapter plate to mount a 2bbl carb in place of the fuel injection system. A few issues, but it does start and run. Don't know what I will do with this engine....in the spring maybe rev it until it blows, or shoot at it.

'88 Chevy S-10 2.8L V6
2.8L V6 running on a test stand Rebuilt, heads ported and polished, Intake ported to match, Blue Racer cam #WG1061, 2bbl Rochester 2 jet carb adapted to fit. Built for under $500, cost of engine included. cam specs Intake Duration 280 @.050 214 Lift .443 Lobe center 107 Exhaust Duration 290 @.050 224 Lift .465 Lobe center 117 Compare this one to the old engine here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il1knbQCf38

92 Chevy S10 2.8L Tune Up 1 Of 2. Check The Descripiton For Info.mp4
08/04/12. ITS BACK !!! Lisa's 92 Chevy S10 2.8L V6 TBI 5 Spd Now With About 230,000 Miles On It Now. And With A Better Camera. Hi Guys Well I Got 9,500 Views On My First Video Of This Truck Back In Apr 2010 So Here It Is Again. But Its Time For A Tune Up Quick Spark Plug Change The Video Was Too Long To Up Load So It Will Be In 2 Parts THERE Will Be Another Video About This Truck It Soon !!! BUT I Cant Say Untill I Up Load It You Will Have To See My Videos To See It.