My Volvo P1800

1970 Volvo 1800E with 2x Weber 45. Steel Blue metallic with red leather interior. Rims are original Volvo option in the 70s, ATS 15" (also have the 5,5" KPZ) One owner 1976-2008 and he kept it in a very good condition. The whole car has fully restored and engine tuned by "Timo" (170 bhp) For pictures of the car visit

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Paul Bailey and his Volvo P1800S
Serial supercar collector Paul Bailey talks to The Hub about his Volvo P1800S restoration

1965, Volvo P1800 Typ (D) B18B2

Volvo P1800 1961
A Volvo P1800 coupe from 1961 in blue. (original from Volvo)

Volvo P1800 race car | Volvos at the Gilmore
Volvos at the Gilmore is a bi-yearly event that happens at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI. The next event will be in July 2018. Contact information: P & B Motorsports Phone: (920) 594-1337 Email: Website: