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impala 64 lowrider in Mexico City
Marisol is drivin´ the impala down the streets of mexico city, despues yo, hittin´ switches. Un desfile hacia el Angel de la Independencia. mas de 800 carros, de los años 20´s a los años 70´s. Av. Reforma cerrada para nosotros! CHECK IT OUT!!

1964 Chevy Impala Lowrider
Lance Lambert of the Vintage Vehicle Show talks to the owner of this car at the Casuals Car Club show in Azusa, CA.

1964 impala frame wrap hydraulics lowrider Thornwood Auto Body NY
1964 Chevy Impala frame wrap hydraulics lowrider in action set for serious hopping. Thornwood Auto Body, NY. http://www.BigCity212.com/ http://ThornwoodAutoBody.com/ Completely boxed in with 1/4 inch steel, smoothed out and molded, hand made control arms all around, telescopic cylinders & wishboned .

Lowrider Movie East Side Story
Just as the high tech revolution was taking shape in Silicon Valley in the 1970's, another group of innovators, entrepreneurs and artists on the East Side was taking lowriding to a new level. Lowriding and cruising were considered a waste of time at best and dangerous at worst. But San Jose lowriders were the first to recognized the social significance and commercial potential of what they were doing on the boulevards. Computer geeks may have brought high technology to the rest of the world, but these vatos brought us the cool, low-slung style that endures to this day. They were innovators in their own right, using groundbreaking media and mass marketing techniques to build Chicano pride and spread the urban style mystique worldwide.

Chevy Impala 1964 Low Rider on E-Rider
Filmed at the Asphalt Outlaws car show in Dayton Ohio

64 impala convertible with 22' foose rims and air bags
1964 impala convertible with all the goodies

Life After Death
Leaving PHX Carshow

Nice lowrider clip 1964 impala
From Og Riders

I hit some switches in my school parkin lot.

1964 CHEVY
izlenecek ve yasanacak tek otomobil hatta klupleri bile var...

1964 Chevy Impala Convertible
1964 Chevy Impala with a 283 V-8, 2spd Automatic. Motor was rebuilt and chromed out. Exhaust includes Headmann Headers, Straight pipe duals and aluminum glass packs.

Estilo Car Club
Estilo Car Club Members and Family

Lifes Finest bbq (jimmys gas hop)
did he hit the tree? lol.

Impala LOWRIDER no Brasil! (alta qualidade) "carro que pula"
(people, I am not the guy of the video, and I am not related with any of them. I just recorded the video from TV and upload) (pessoal, eu não sou o cara do vídeo, nem estou relacionado a eles, apenas gravei o vídeo da TV e subi ok?) Este Impala de um colega brasileiro não deve NADA ao mais perfeito low-rider americano. Perfeito!

My 64 Impala
A long video of my 64 diplaying it switches and paint and rims and all the trimmings. Nice video for those that like cars. I built it a few years ago but it still is a classic to enjoy

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