EVO IX GSR with cams, P&P head, and some bolt ons, custom tuned by TENSAI to the tune of ~320whp on the Mustang.

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Evo 9 FP HTA Green 465whp 28psi K.P. Tuning
HTA Green equipped stock block Evo 9 on the Dynojet. 28psi on 93octane made 465whp/404wtq. Tuned by K.P. Tuning

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR 870+Ps@11.000rpm (Boost 14psi)
Rare, beautiful and extremely fast Lancer Evo IX MR that develops 870+Ps running on Pump gas and low Boost of 14psi! For the full article, photos and tech specs of the car visit: http://www.speednation.tv/?article=mitsubishi-lancer-evo-ix-mr-us-spec&lang =en Music: Dj Kas - Requiem for a Dream (Dubstep mix) Shot on: Canon EOS 60D, Panasonic HDC-SD 700, GoPro HD Motorsports Hero http://www.speednation.tv Follow us on Facebook: Magazine: http://www.facebook.com/Speednation.tv

Infiniti G37S UpRev Protuned at TENSAI Tuning
G37 with BMC drop-in filters, testpipes and catback tuned to 285whp on TENSAI's Mustang Dyno. A gain of over 20whp from stock.

EVO VI 900X custom tuned at TENSAI TUNING
AMS 900X turbo kit AMS F-1 intake manifold 98RON pump fuel TENSAI built engine (stroked) No meth injection Single Bosch 044 fuel pump maxed out