Mopar nats 2012

Hanging out at Carlisle Mopar Nationals

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2012 Chryslers at Carlisle SRT-4 Lineup
SRT-4 stock then modified lineup, mine is in the STOCK class with the black stripes. :)

2015 Mopar Nationals | 2005 Dodge SRT-4 | John Hammer

2012 Chrysler Nationals Carlisle PA
Another great weekend at the Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle PA. There were so many great cars and I couldn't possible take pictures of all of them. Here are some of my favorite cars at the fairgrounds. If your car didn't make it in the video I'm sorry :( Maybe next year... Enjoy!

Cuda wheel stands. Mopar Nats 2012
Both of these 67 Cudas do wicked wheel stands together. This was our view from the tower at the Mopar Nationals. The second run the Cuda on the left nearly swiped the wall. We were all so focused on that, that we had to watch the video to see how far the yellow one pulled the front wheels. Both of those cars are bad ass