Blasting a 1964 Cadillac with the Dustless Blaster

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Dustless Blasting Strips a '63 Impala in Under 1 Hour! 800-727-5707 Imagine how much money you could make with this level of productivity. It's no surprise that new Dustless Blaster owners are calling it "magic". The Dustless Blaster is faster, easier, and cleaner than any other blaster on the market. We've been designing and manufacturing top quality blasters since 1941, and continuous improvement has brought us to Dustless Blasting. The most incredible advancement in blasting technology in over 60 years. Find out why the Dustless Blaster is the best abrasive blaster. First song is by Dan-O at Second song is by Jason Shaw from

Soda Blasting on Furniture
Restoring your surroundings from the ravages of fire and smoke takes a professionally trained staff and knowledge of the latest remediation techniques. Different surfaces require different treatments, and Steam Master's technicians are well-versed in what works best. Our cutting-edge odor-removal techniques include hot and wet fogging to the smoke-damaged areas, the use of Vapor Tech, and HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air) air scrubbing treatments. SteamMaster also removes hard to reach soot residue and lingering odors by implementing Armex baking soda blasting and Cold Jet™ dry ice blasting techniques. We effectively eliminate all unwanted smoke, fire, and odor damage.

Dustless Blasting Coating and Corrosion Removal
MMLJ, Inc Has been manufacturing pressure vessels since 1941. The Dustless Blasting equipment overcomes the challenges of traditional dry abrasive blasting. Eliminating the dust and sparks allows surface prep to take place anywhere, any time. Ship yards can blast, weld, fabricate and paint all at the same time, on the same vessel. Refineries can remove 50+ mil epoxy coatings from live pipelines. MMLJ stands behind our products with a lifetime warranty on the vessel and offer the most productive and cost effective tool on the market.

Sandblasting a demountable clincher rim.