Blasting a 1964 Cadillac with the Dustless Blaster

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Dustless Blasting Strips a '63 Impala in Under 1 Hour! 800-727-5707 Imagine how much money you could make with this level of productivity. It's no surprise that new Dustless Blaster owners are calling it "magic". The Dustless Blaster is faster, easier, and cleaner than any other blaster on the market. We've been designing and manufacturing top quality blasters since 1941, and continuous improvement has brought us to Dustless Blasting. The most incredible advancement in blasting technology in over 60 years. Find out why the Dustless Blaster is the best abrasive blaster. First song is by Dan-O at Second song is by Jason Shaw from

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How to make a sanding machine in the house with little money.

Dustless Blasting Parking Stripes Accurate Pavement Striping rented our DB500 Dual Axle Mobile to remove hundreds of parking stripes from a huge parking garage at a major computer micro processor company in Austin, TX. They liked it so much that they decided to buy it rather than return it! Obliterating about 18 feet of parking stripes per minute with minimal mess and less media than their old system would use allowed them to finish the job on time and with minimal disruption to nearby garage users. Music by

try to crank a rusty engine.
NFG wdb108 280se merc. one last time for fun.