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Dan's Bearhawk Soob

Dan starting his SVX Soob in his Bearhawk


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Flight in Dan Shilling's Bearhawk September 2011
This is a short video of my flight with Dan Shilling this past fall in his Subaru-powered Bearhawk. Dan is the builder and owner of this experimental aircraft. It was a gorgeous fall day in Alaska. We departed Soldotna Airport (SXQ) and went around the local area, landing at Kasilof airstriip (5KS). I apologize for the quality of the video, I was using my PHD camera in video mode. It was fun!

Bearhawk Patrol - Part 1: Making rib jigs
I show how I make the jigs to make the ribs for the Bearhawk Patrol

High Visibility Bearhawk flight
A ride around the patch in a Bearhawk showing its high visibility from inside. for more info- www.bearhawkaircraft.com

Full Construction Video with all the pictures
This 10 minute video file contains all the pictures I took during the construction of My RANS Coyote II S6-S. It actually took two years and 800 hours of building time, plus another 6 months or so to complete all the paperwork needed to fly. Once finished it flies beautifully. In here you will be able to see the techniques used in building this aircraft and hopefully it might encourage you to undertake such a project. Have fun. Enjoy!

Proto1 demostrates Bearhawk STOL
Bob Barrows demostrates the STOL capability of the Proto1 Bearhawk at Fincastle VA

Ursa Buteo at the Flight Line
Dan's BH with wings on

Forming a Profiled Rib for a Bearhawk Part 1
These videos describe the process I used in creating profiled ribs for the horizontal and vertical stabilizers for my Bearhawk aircraft project. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

EP2 - Bearhawks in the Dust
In this second episode of the BackcountryPilot video series, we head out into the Nevada desert sidecountry with BCP members Blackrock, Maverick, and Cow Dog in their beautiful 235hp Bearhawks. We visit the site of Kevin Quinn's High Desert fly-in, as well as a few other unspecified locations, and we spoof famous and beloved Ohio filmmaker/aviator Greg Swingle. Caution for the tiny ears who may be watching: The term "cowshit" is used gratuitously. Only expose children to this soundtrack if you want them to repeat this word. Caution for the elderly ears: Loud rock music is overdubbed at times. Have your mute button and nitroglycerin ready. Caution for those easily susceptible to motion sickness: First person flying scenes may cause vomiting and/or erection.

Bearhawk Fuselage Rotisserie
My design of a fuselage rotisserie for welding and fuselage work using the ideas of others.

Dan Shilling Bearhawk
Dan takes us on a tour of his project

Three Sigma Bearhawk Engine Repair
Russ Erb getting Three Sigma into fighting shape

David Weber comments on Bearhawk headroom
David Weber compares the interior room of a Bearhawk with other 4 place airplanes. for more info- www.bearhawkaircraft.com

Bearhawk Aircraft at the Texas STOL Round Up 2014
Austin locals Bearhawk Aircraft competed in the first annual Texas STOL Round Up competition in Llano this April, taking first place in the Heavy Touring class, piloted by Bearhawk scratch builder Wayne Massey. Not only can the Riblett airfoil Bearhawks perform well at STOL speeds, but they can go 150mph as well. That's an incredible speed performance envelope.

Bearhawk - Once or twice around the patch
STOL demonstration of a Bearhawks capability. for more info- www.bearhawkaircraft.com

Dyke Delta, Bearhawk, RV-8 & RV-10 Oshkosh 2013

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