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Dan's Bearhawk Soob

Dan starting his SVX Soob in his Bearhawk


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Franks Bearhawk Engine Test Run
LS1 firewall forward engine package with Geared Drives spur gear PSRU built for Frank's Bearhawk airframe. Test run after 5 minutes at idle produced 145 degrees, 15 minutes 150 degrees, 20 minutes 160 degrees. When brought up to 2000 RPM the engine cooled back down to 155 degrees! We have the right cooling combination and we can make auto engines run as cool as you would like in this configuration.

Dan Shilling Bearhawk
Dan takes us on a tour of his project

Forming a Profiled Rib for a Bearhawk Part 2
These videos describe the process I used in creating profiled ribs for the horizontal and vertical stabilizers for my Bearhawk aircraft project. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Saying Goodbye to my Bearhawk
This is the last time I saw my homebuilt Bearhawk N57EN (Miss'ippi Mudbug) .This is the first time I have ever seen it fly with someone else at the controls. I sold it and here it is flying off into the clouds as Lee Taylor starts on his journey to deliver it to it's new owner in Canada. One last low pass over the runway and then off into the clouds. Sad day for me.

Bearhawk Spin Testing
Eric Newton and Instructor Lee Taylor are spin testing Eric's Bearhawk.

Forming a Profiled Rib for a Bearhawk Part 1
These videos describe the process I used in creating profiled ribs for the horizontal and vertical stabilizers for my Bearhawk aircraft project. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Welding tubing clamps 2
Welding an EAA tubing clamp

Bearhawk Fuselage Rotisserie
My design of a fuselage rotisserie for welding and fuselage work using the ideas of others.

Bearhawk Float Install
A video of Rob Taylor's AvIpro Bearhawk project float installation. This a an overview of a float installation on an experimental aircraft. This depicts one owners efforts and serves only as a brief description of the of the installation process. If you are smart enough to build an airplane, then you know that installing floats is a complex project that shouldn't be taken lightly. None of the details shown on this video have been endorsed by the designer Bob Barrows or AviPro aircraft.

Bearhawk Airplane ride
Take a ride in our amateur built Bearhawk airplane the "Miss'ippi Mudbug. We take off and land this taildragger from a grass airstrip and fly along the Mississippi Gulf Coast..

Geared Drives 200Z PSRU For Subaru
At the time this was the worlds only Subaru on an RV9A using a hydraulic constant speed prop. This prototype unit has all of the same features of the original Geared Drives PSRU including its own oil reservoir, oil pump and filtration system, drive port for hydraulic prop governor, and flywheel and centrifugal clutch assembly. This airplane with the P2 prototype Geared Drives PSRU can be seen at Sun n Fun Air Show, Lakeland, FL, April 21-26, 2009. Look for the Geared Drives booth N52 for directions the aircraft location.

Bearhawk Fuselage Rotisserie Part 4
An addition to my rotisserie to make the rotation incrementally adjustable.

Dominator Tandem.flv
A Dominator tandem gyrocopter being demonstrated at a microlight open day at Hamilton New Zealand. The owner and pilot is Grant Simpson . He told me a single seater is even better for manoeuvering. It has a turbocharged Sub4 engine and an Autoflight gear reduction gearbox. These were made by Neil Hintz at Autoflight in New Zealand

4130 Tubing Joint Tensile Strength Test
A cluster of 3/4in by .035 4130 tubing welded with 1/16th ER70S-6 being pulled apart to failure. It yielded at 7550lbs along the longitudinal axis of the uncut tubing and not at either weld on the T joint.

Some ideas for fuselage welding
Just a few helpful ideas that I had while I was starting to weld my fuselage. So far it's worked out very well and I hope to be done in a week or two.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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