Dan's Bearhawk Soob

Dan starting his SVX Soob in his Bearhawk

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Flight in Dan Shilling's Bearhawk September 2011
This is a short video of my flight with Dan Shilling this past fall in his Subaru-powered Bearhawk. Dan is the builder and owner of this experimental aircraft. It was a gorgeous fall day in Alaska. We departed Soldotna Airport (SXQ) and went around the local area, landing at Kasilof airstriip (5KS). I apologize for the quality of the video, I was using my PHD camera in video mode. It was fun!

Dan Shilling Bearhawk
Dan takes us on a tour of his project

Ursa Buteo at the Flight Line
Dan's BH with wings on

Three Sigma Bearhawk Engine Repair
Russ Erb getting Three Sigma into fighting shape