9000 Viggen - MecaRaceway - Däckvärmning

Värmer däck, Saab 9000 "Viggen" http://www.garaget.org/?car=111197

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Saab 9000 Nordic Extreme R
Laying some rubber

Top Gear Series 18 - Saab Tribute
Jeremy and James pay an endearing tribute the Swedish car manufacturer after hearing the news of their closure. Want to learn more about the show? Visit http://india.bbcentertainment.com/topgear/ Keep up with all things BBC Knowledge/Entertainment on Facebook! on http://fb.me/zJY2Dg And follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/BBCEnt_India

9-3 Viggen 0-287km/h
Airfield top speed contest

Saab 9/3 Viggen LED tail lamps in action!
Note! cracking noise is a aluminum heat protection. I need to fix it :) Order those LED lights here http://Boostcustoms.ca/saab-93-viggen-custom-led-tail -lights/