cleaning and regrounding valves on a volvo 940 2 litre gasoline model

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Volvo 240 head gasket (part 17)
The cylinder head is placed into position with a new head gasket. this head has been resurfaced as well as new seals and shims for the re-adjusted valves.

How to Dismantle the cylinder head on a Volvo 360 (B200E)
Dismantling and some diagnosis as to why this engine was starting on three cylinders in the morning, and pressurising its cooling system. Watch in HD

740 Valve Adjustment
Showing how to use the IPD tool on a 1992 volvo 740. IPD part # 114934, valve compressor tool. Sorry for the shaky camera and poor video quality.

BRODIX Cylinder Head Repair Video
Here is a video on a cylinder head repair we did. We have our own repair specialist to repair your BRODIX products.