d16z6 all motor p29 build Before Dyno

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d16z6 all motor p29 build video 2
All motor built sohc

D16 All Motor High Comp Build 145hp 113tq
These are a couple of pictures of my D16 Build that I put together from when I was in engine rebuilding class at RCC.

High compression D16Z6 track motor walk-around
Lots of mods..... Made 168.2whp , 131.8lb/ft TQ on a Dynocom Dyno. Built for AutoX. Wet weight = 2120 w/ driver. VIP Performance - Portland, OR

D16 Civic Supercharged
Chipped P28 Tuned with CROME (crappy tune, running rich!!) D16Z6 stock internals (block and head), Stock Map Sensor, Denso 460CC Injectors, Jackson Racing Supercharger at 6PSI, Walbro 255LB Fuel Pump, 4-2-1 Megan Header, 2.5 full Catback Exhaust