d16z6 all motor p29 build Before Dyno

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D16 All Motor High Comp Build 145hp 113tq
These are a couple of pictures of my D16 Build that I put together from when I was in engine rebuilding class at RCC.

Honda D16Z6 Assembly Animation
Honda D16Z6 modeled in Solid Works for ME 621 at Ohio State. This is the assembly video. For the run video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-IgO71xlk0

Engine Build D16Z6.wmv
Long build of the rework to my 1993 Honda Civic EX This is all of the "time-lapse" shots that I took. There are a few spots where I could have cropped out the long periods while I was away from the car.

d16z6 all motor p29 build video 2
All motor built sohc