Top Gear - Saab 900 and 900NG

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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Saab
On my other video "5 reasons why you should buy an old Volvo", many of you guys (especially you Swedes) wanted a Saab video so I decided to make this for you and also cause I'm greedy and I want more views since the last one really blew up!! Seriously thank you guys so much! Thank you to these youtubers for letting me steal some of their videos: Jamie_FYD: /DRIVE: Men and Motors: TheSmokingTire: Oh and if you're wondering what song I used the song is called "Ole Buttermilk Sky - Kay Kyser"

Wheeler Dealers SAAB 900 Turbo Del 1
Den professionella bilhandlaren Mike Brewer har en budget på ett par tusen pund och hans uppgift är att hitta en begagnad bil med lite skavanker på. Som sedan hans topp mekaniker Ed China fixar till topp skick, och sedan säljs bilen med förhoppningen att tjäna lite pengar på jobbet. I detta avsnittet renoverar de en SAAB 900 turbo. Del1/5.

This Saab 900 Was Built to Last
On a brisk Utah morning, at the base of a ski resort, we spent some time with a Saab 900 SPG. Owner, Jordan Melville, dives into his love for Saab, detailing how he brought this 900 back from the brink of the wrecking yard to experience the car as if it were brand new.While modern day Saab struggles to keep their cars on the road, Jordan's 900 SPG keeps the flame alive. Drive Tastefully®

Great Cars: SAAB
Saab has created many supreme automotive designs. But Saab marches to its own tune. And breaking from tradition has enhanced Saab's appeal. Saab's independence can be traced to its precarious development on the wings of Sweden's post-war aviation industry. Its engineers and designers gambled on their ability to transform their aviation experience into automobile manufacturing. Today, their efforts are admired worldwide. But Saab's transformation from wings to wheels has been a long and difficult journey. EP 205