1988 Honda Accord cold start and drive

Started this bad boy up in about 40 degree weather after sitting for a week. 5 speed, took it for a drive moving it to a new location. It's for sale too!

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АВТОПАРК Honda Accord 1988 (арт. 4726)
Данный автомобиль можно приобрести только в компании Автопарк. Номер для заказа: 4726 (067) 612-00-73 (098) 347-63-63 (093) 347-63-63 # Официальный сайт Автопарк http://autopark.dn.ua # Официальный Youtube канал Автопарк https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBjaHAbLy0Z8ycgZaB_lsXA # Facebook Автопарк https://www.facebook.com/autopark.ukraine # Вконтакте Автопарк http://vk.com/autopark.ukraine # Одноклассники Автопарк http://ok.ru/autopark # Instagram Автопарк https://instagram.com/avtocenter.autopark/

1988 Honda Accord LXi
1988 Honda Accord LXi, A20A3, Fuel-Injected, 4Door.

88 accord seafoam
me and my brother just put some seafoam in his 88 honda accord and it runs alot better now.it smoked alot more than my Camaro did when i seafoamed

1989 HONDA Accord Coupe in 2013
Always thought my little Honda was a nice looking car. I'm the second owner...had it for 14 years. Worth every penny to keep it up through the years...it's been a totally reliable automobile and fun to drive, too. Use it as my second car now...mostly in winter. Built in Ohio, it listed for just under $17,000, delivered in Fall, 1988. As of February, 2013, 253,000 miles. Features: Fuel Injection, 4-Cylinder Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, Python Remote Start, Alarm, Remote Trunk, Cruise, Cold Air Retrofitted with new Refrigerant, Rear Window Defrost, Pioneer Premier Stereo, iPhone Blue Tooth, MP3, Infinity Subwoofer, 2nd Amp for New Speakers, Focal Tweeters, Tinted Windows, New Upholstery including Side Panels and Doors, Ultra Suede Headliner, New Paint with Gold Fleck in 2008, Michelin Tires, Eagle Polished Wheels. Marine Switch to disconnect the battery when storing. Registered with Auto Appraisal Group, Washington D.C., in 2010.