1988 Honda Accord cold start and drive

Started this bad boy up in about 40 degree weather after sitting for a week. 5 speed, took it for a drive moving it to a new location. It's for sale too!

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My mint condition 1989 Honda Accord LX
A very fine example of a basically brand new classic Honda. SOLD. It was a great one of a kind car I hope the new owners are taking good care of it.

АВТОПАРК Honda Accord 1988 (арт. 4726)
Данный автомобиль можно приобрести только в компании Автопарк. Номер для заказа: 4726 (067) 612-00-73 (098) 347-63-63 (093) 347-63-63 # Официальный сайт Автопарк http://autopark.dn.ua # Официальный Youtube канал Автопарк https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBjaHAbLy0Z8ycgZaB_lsXA # Facebook Автопарк https://www.facebook.com/autopark.ukraine # Вконтакте Автопарк http://vk.com/autopark.ukraine # Одноклассники Автопарк http://ok.ru/autopark # Instagram Автопарк https://instagram.com/avtocenter.autopark/

Honda Accord Special Edition, Still like it was NEW in 1989
See more video of it at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7qBVh7cxVk 1989 Honda Accord SEi coupe: More inside, motor, trunk.see part 1 Added power lock and trunk actuators controlled by Viper alarm/remote start, rear facing camera through Kenwood/Pandora media head unit.

1988 Honda Accord LXi
1988 Honda Accord LXi, A20A3, Fuel-Injected, 4Door.