compilation: G8 GT vs Falcon vs Saturn Sky vs SRT8 Jeep

From the track 11/04/2011, some local buddie wanted to enjoy the 40 degree weather at royal purple race way. was a good night, lots of good passes

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G8 GT VS Charger SRT8 Part II
G8 GT with Superchips 91octane tune, Rotofab CAI and Solo Performance Mach XL Exhaust. Never touched a Dyno or a track. Charger SRT 8 with Mopar CAI, Manifold spacers, 180 degree tstat, Magnaflow high-flow cats, Magnaflow catback custom Dyno tuned at 398rwhp/422rwtq on 91octane

G8 GT 1/4 mile (11.80) Vs SRT8 Jeep
2008 Pontiac G8 GT Vs SRT8 Jeep; Still personal best (11.803@118) to date11/22/2011 .. soon to change :)

C5 Z06 vs G8 GT
40-130ish C5 Z06 Heads/Cam and bolt ons M6 G8 Gt Heads/Cam/spray Bolt ons Stalled A6

G8 GT stock vs 350Z custom