First ride with the new bike! KTM 200 SX - Gopro HD

got a new bike! it's a 2004 KTM 200 SX , well not actually the first ride but first time on the track :D subscribe to and to

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crf 250 vs ktm 200 drag race
crf 250 vs ktm 200 drag race then my bike broke down

RAW: KTM 200 SX getting some air
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BRAAAP! HOLY SHUCKERS, Jakes ktm is quick. Less weight calls for more speed through the tight turns. My Honda 450 wasn't liking the twists and turns so well. Thank you for Watching and Subscribing! PREVIOUS VIDEO: SUBSCRIBE ; FACEBOOK: FAN MAIL: 3DMachines PO BOX 122 Gowanda, NY 14070 United States of America Stickers are available at $3.00. Any sticker after that is only $2.00- -SEND STICKER MONEY TO PO BOX- 3DMachines--- {Make Checks out to Dalton D.} PO BOX 122 Gowanda, NY 14070 United States of America * The stickers can be seen at 3:21 on this video-

2017 new KTM 790 Duke Prototype Twin-Cylinder promo video
2017 new KTM 790 Duke Prototype Twin-Cylinder promo video KTM 790 DUKE PROTOTYPE – THE SCALPEL 125, 250, 390, 690, 1290. What’s next? In terms of displacement, we can’t really make a case for growth. KTM can, however, justify the hunt for unparalleled poise. Telepathic levels of feedback. Lightness that’s off the scale. Our engineers are highly motivated to establish a new level of riding sensation. The first proof of these huge efforts: the inspiring prototype “790 DUKE”. An inline twin emerged on the blank sheet: the LC8c. That ‘c’ stands for compact, ‘LC8’ for good times ahead. They fitted their 790cc gem with a tight suit tailored from hand-welded steel pipes, the finest suspension components from WP prototype development as well as a beautifully machined aluminum subframe and tail cowl. And in order to slingshot this lightweight another couple of light years ahead, advanced ride by wire, next-generation rider assistance, integrated connectivity and tomorrow’s sensors are here today. But that’s not the end of it. Imagine a quickshifter that takes its name extremely seriously. Custom ride modes. Personalized traction control. Outrageous design by KISKA. And – hold the press – there’s a 3D printer involved in the production of both the Exhaust system and triple clamp. They are out of this world.