Zenair STOL CH 801 sport utility airplane model

A nice walkaround the roomy four-seat utilty STOL CH801 "sport utility" bushplane from Zenith Aircraft Company as seen at Lakeland Sun-n-Fun fly-in 2010. Notice the belly cargo pod on this airplane, powered by a Lycoming IO-360 engine.

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Zenair STOL CH-801 Demo Flight (N801TB)
Test flight of Zenair STOL CH-801 in 2010. 1 pilot and 2 passengers at almost 6000ft airport, NM. Great airplane and well maintained. Flying toward to Colorado over 100 level.

Zenair STOL CH 801 sport utility airplane 7
Zenair STOL CH801 sport utility bush plane: Easy-to-build four seat kit plane with amazing short take-off and landing capability http://www.zenair.com

Flying in the Amazon jungle with the STOL CH 801 sport utility plane
Missionary Mike Dawson flies this four seat Zenair CH801 STOL sport utility bush plane, equipped with belly cargo pod, in the Venezuala jungle

Zenair STOL CH-801 first engine run
Here is my first engine run after a complete disassemble IRAN inspection and repair. All went perfectly and the warm compression check was 75, 74, 74 and 73 over 80. Just what I was expecting.