300bhp Astra Van

Vauxhall Astra Van with a Saab B234R engine. Nearly 300bhp and weighing only a 1000kg. Fuelling was low hence the low torque.

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Stevos astra van @ santa pod pvs 2010
Stevos astra van @ pvs 2010 best time was 13.5 @ 105mph

Astra Turbo vs Astra Turbo @ Crail #2
Rematch Estate LET vs GSI LET

Mk3 astra van burnout isuzu turbo diesel
Here is my little burnout, open diff, still managed to get it into 3rd!!! Pardon my friend. Foul language!

mk3 astra c20let rebuild story grimsby
mk3 astra c20let rebuild story