300bhp Astra Van

Vauxhall Astra Van with a Saab B234R engine. Nearly 300bhp and weighing only a 1000kg. Fuelling was low hence the low torque.

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Stevos astra van @ santa pod pvs 2010
Stevos astra van @ pvs 2010 best time was 13.5 @ 105mph

Astra van-Saab power
Pvs 2012, this van was just getting faster and faster on each run, would love to know the final figures!

Astra Turbo vs Astra Turbo @ Crail #2
Rematch Estate LET vs GSI LET

Porsche Carrera vs. Vauxhall Astra Van
Who says money buys class?!..... 997 Porsche Carrera vs. a Vauxhall Astra van with a 2.3 Saab b234 turbo lump running 1.5bar and around 290bhp....