Peanut the animal

quick pass in Peanut set to music

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Armdrop Live! Bad Call
Video shows Clearly The Red S10 Blazer in the right lane clearly wins, The announcer says right lane 2 times, the right lane gets the win ticket, the Blazer hot laps back into the staging area, shuts down, only to have win removed by officals. I say the word bad call with all do respect, the crew of armdrop live did the absolute best you could ask for considering the battles they faced from all the gremlins! I had a great time but was dissappointed in the decision to use people as the factor to decide the race winner. You cannot stand at the side of the track and properlly decide the winner without the use of video footage and the option to view the replay in slow mo and freeze frame. I believe it would have been used if it was available in tthis case

Peanut part 2
More Pro Street S-10 this time, featuring TOOL.

This truck is being built for the PINKS All Out event in Gainesville, FL on April 18-19 2008. The drive shaft broke, but it will be fixed by the end of the week for a few more runs before the event. The truck was running 1/8 mile today.

Franks s-10 at cwf dyno (600 horsepower)
Chevy S10 Dyno run at CWF Dyno services Dynojet