How to Change Oil on an Audi TT

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Audi TT 2.0 TFSI - Ölwechsel / Oil Change POV
Verwendetes Öl: (nur für Festintervall freigegeben). Im Idealfall sollte der Motor beim Ölwechsel Betriebstemperatur haben. Achtung beim Ölablassen: Heißes Motorenöl! Den Ölfilter und die Ölablassschraube mit Dichtring unbedingt erneuern. Achtet auch darauf das wenn ihr das Ölfiltergehäuse wieder einsetzt, das Bodenventil nicht verkantet ist. Überprüft, bevor ihr die Motorverkleidung wieder montiert, unbedingt das Ölfiltergehäuse und die Ölablassschraube auf Dichtheit. Stellt sicher das sich vor dem ersten Motorstart nach dem Ölwechsel, genug Öl im Motor befindet. Das Altöl muss Umweltgerecht entsorgt werden! Am besten bei einer Altölannahmestelle. Für den Ölwechsel braucht ihr folgendes Werkzeug: 36er Nuss (Ölfiltergehäuse, keine 32er die irrtümlich im Video genannt wurde!), 19er Nuss (Ölablassschraube); Torx T25, T30 und T45 (für die Motorverkleidung); Ablasschlauch: Fragen einfach in die Kommentare. Used engine oil: (not for longlife interval). The engine shoult have operating temperature while changing oil. Caution: Hot engine oil! The oil filter and oil drain plug (with seal ring) have to be renewed. Make sure the valve on the oil filter housing is not splined before you mount it. Before you mount the engine casing, check the engine not to leak out. Make sure there is enough oil in the engine before you start it the first time after oil chance. For the oil change you need following tools: 36mm (not 32mm, it was a mistake!) and 19mm socket wrench (for oil filter and oil drain plug); torx wrench T25, T30 and T45 (for the engine casing), drain hose:

Its That Time Again! (Oil Change)
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RACE 1000 ALL Launches of AUDI - BEST of SOUNDS S2 RS3 RS4 RS6 TTRS
RACE 1000 Round 1 Event 2017 - This video features a best of Audi sounds compilation of many different Audi cars (Audi 200 S2 RS3 RS4 S6 RS6 TTRS Audi Quattro...) I have filmed at RACE 1000 Half Mile Event 20.05.2017. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration youtube channel. Ultimate Audi RS Launch Sound Compilation - Best and brutal of Audi car RS Sounds. In today's video you'll see a huge compilation of sounds from Audi Rs2 Avant, Audi RS3 sportback, some Audis RS4 / RS6 and so on. The Audis are really brutal and extreme. Some even more than 1000 HP with crazy flames, sound and anti lag systems. What's you favorite Audi model? Let me know by leaving a comment behind! Enjoy acceleration and launching sound. ► SUBSCRIBE ► FACEBOOK Related Videos: Best of Audi Sounds RS2 RS3 RS4 RS5 RS6 TT RS R8 RACE 1000 All Car & Supercar Launches Acceleration & Sound HALF MILE Audi RS4 B5 2.7 Bi-turbo Acceleration 0-310 & Brutal Sound This video compilation contains the following cars with launch control and wheelspins: Audi 80 Cabrio 2.2 20V turbo 5 Zylinder Audi 200 turbo TTD AUDI S4 B5 Avant BI turbo 1200 PS MONSTER 930 PS AUDI 80 VR6 turbo AUDI RS6 V10 PP PERFORMANCe akrapovic Exhaust Audi RS4 B7 turbo Audi 90 Quattro Typ 85 2.2 20V turbo 800HP Audi S2 Avant FROM HELL Audi Coupe Quattro turbo Tuning by Gunnersson Audi 90 turbo Quattro 2.2l 20V Tuning by Jemo Motorsports Audi RS3 Fast Nights Sportback Audi RS6 C7 Audi TTRS AUDI S4 B5 Bi turbo 900ps Audi S2 Coupe 2.2 20V turbo Audi RS6 c6 Avant

Audi TT temp behavior
I thought of worst case first (head gasket), but don't see any contamination in either the oil, or the coolant, nor anything goofy like burnt coolant out the Exhaust. I've heard that the plastic impellers on the stock water pumps can spin on their shaft. I wonder if this one is spinning at rpms above 1200-1500 rpm, then when revs drop, it quits slipping and is able to move coolant again, explaining the quick drop... Ended up being a water pump impeller that was slipping on it's shaft. Visual inspection of impeller showed it to be cracked and about to shrapnel itself.