Buick Grand National Car Show, 1990

Video by John Spina, Caspers Electronics Inc. in Loveland, Colorado, and hosted by Kirban Performance, Warminster PA. Vintage video footage showing the Buick Grand National frenzy back in the day...something you will never see again (at least not in these numbers - the closest you'll ever get to this many cars is the GS Nationals). The turbocharged and intercooled Buick was the fastest US production car in 1987; and even today, still one of the quickest vehicles on the road and at the quarter-mile tracks. This production vehicle has become a cult-classic and still shows up in numbers at the annual GSCA event in Bowling Green, KY.

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Twin Turbo Grand National - Buick Vs. Ford
Twin turbo Grand National - Buick Vs. Ford

buick grand National & gnx # 302

Buick GS Nationals Car Show - Beech Bend Raceway Oct. 18, 2013
A walk through the car show at the Buick GS Nationals at the Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY

Best Car Black Air - Biography, History \ Documentary Movie 2015
Black Air The Buick Grand National Documentary – Biography, History full film It was a strange and curious misfit. Though born a Buick, the Grand National was clearly something else. It was too quick and too brutish to carry that stodgy name. There was something . Director:Andrew Filippone Jr. Stars:Tony Assenza, Paul Castle, Richard Clark