bmw 335i jb2 vs 135i jb2 both 2009

335i manual 6 speed with jb2 chip vs 135i automatic jb2. 2 persons in 135i

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N54 135i PPK vs 335i MHD Stage2
Start with Gear 2 135i Performance Kit STEVAN VA WORXX Downpipes 335i MHD Stage2 STEVAN VA WORXX Downpipes Wavetrac LSD

Slightly modded BMW 135 VS M3.......

335i vs 135i jb2
335i messing around with 135i, both cars are chipped, jb2

135I VS 335I.AVI
335i vs 135i 135i has DCI, JB3, aftermarket Intercooler, catless down pipes, Exhaust, meth. 335i has DCI, JB3, meth, weight removal to be closer in weight to the 135i Cars were pretty close. 135i easily runs in the 11's at the dragstrip.