The Bonneville Story Part 3 Introductions Of The Streamliner To Bonneville

The Hot Rod Story Part 3 - Introductions Of The Streamliner To Bonneville Salt Flats. The Streamliner Was Introduced In This Segment, Including Mickey Thompson's "Challenger 1" Which Reached A Land Speed Record At That Time Of 406.60 MPH At The Bonneville Salt Flats. Many Other Big Names Chet Herbert, Christman Brothers.

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The Bonneville Story Part 2- Evolution To The Bonneville Salt Flats
The Hot Rod Story - Part 2 - Evolution To The Bonneville Salt Flats - Racing's Biggest Names At Their Beginnings Mickey Thompson's First Car, etc. This Is Where They Found The Best Place For Racing In The 20s And 30s, And Mickey Thompson's First Car Is Also Shown.

The Way It REALLY Was
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Bonneville Stories Part IV - 1953 Twin Engine Harley Knucklehead Dragster
Robert Bud Schmitt, now 81 years old, built and rode THE MONSTER a two engine Harley Davidson motorcycle which ran at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1955. The engines were eighty-inch knuckleheads with 12:1 fuel burning pistons and Bus Schaller reground cams and a carburetor on each cylinder. In 2005, the 50 year anniversary of his run, Bud returned to the Salt Flats and raced a V Rod. Best speed - 125 mph. In 2006, Bud crashed the V Rod at 125 mph and walked away after sliding 500 feet on his stomach. This is the longest recorded slide at the Flats. In 2007 Bud rode the V Rod again best speed 132 mph. In 2008 Buds best speed was 169 mph. Bud plans to live to be 100 but will race until he is 92.

Bonneville Speed Week
A short I edited from footage of 2007 Bonneville Speed Week