07 Accord V6 coupe 6SPD Limiter

Stock Accord w/intake top speed run on electronic limiter. 1/4 mi. in 14.7sec. "THIS VEHICLE NO LONGER EXHISTS"

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Accord 1/4 mile runs, 6speed vs auto.
Both V6. Auto ended up almost 2 second slower on a quarter mile. 6speed has an air intake and heavy 20' wheels, automatic (got german plates on the front) has full Exhaust, intake and 2 12' subs in the trunk. Coil overs on both.

Accord v6 top speed kayo0o0od
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2004 Honda accord v6 top speed run #130+

04 Accord V6 AT Sedan Top Speed Run
A/C on, 235 45 17 tires, full tank of gas, 2 ppl in car, rest are stock. Looking further if A/C is off. 135mph...