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imola 2002 rc51 win!

colin edwards wsbk win at imola


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Superbike Honda HRC VFR750R RC30 RVF750R RC45 VTR1000 SP1 SP2 WSBK SBK AMA SUPERBIKE 1988-2002
HRC Honda. The VFR750R RC30, The RVF750R RC45 1994, The VTR1000R RC51 "SP1" 2000, The VTR1000R RC51 "SP2" 2002. Tonys Superbikecollection. Honda won the WSBK Championship with Fred Merkel 1988 and 1989 on the RC30. John Kocinski won the Championship 1997 on the RC45. Colin Edwards won the Championship 2000 on the SP1 and 2002 on the SP2. Winners during the year. Fred Merkel, Raymond Roche, Dough Polen, Scott Russel, Carl Fogarty, Troy Corser, John Kocinski, Colin Edwards, Troy Bayliss, Presented by Toymans Superbikegarage. Privat Collection Music from http://danosongs.com/

Honda RC51 ..Taking the bike for a spin
Taking the Bike for a spin

Laguna Seca Track Day RC51
2001 RC51. My last session during a two-day track day at Laguna Seca. November 2011. I managed to get my lap times down to 1:51 by the end of the day. Best Lap starts at 12:11

2012 MotoGP JAPAN Colin Edwards helps Jorge Lorenzo.
WarmUp Run,although Jorge's machine engine had stalled... it was able to be run with Colin Edwards' help!!

Honda RC51 hits Willowsprings!!!
Honda RC51 moves through the pack at WSIR

2001 Honda RC51 0 to 160
Video is from 2001. Excuse the skipping and 4:3. I was using a Digital 8 tape Camcorder. Completely stock RC51. I was unable to fully tuck behind the windscreen due to the big camera being mounted on the fairing stay and this slowed things down a little. yep. I miss that bike!

From Track To Road (RC30-RC45-RC40-RC51)
Petite vidéo pour le plaisir de célébrer 4 monstres sacrés Honda des années où... VFR750R - RC30 NR750 - RC40 RVF750 - RC45 VTR SP-1

Yamaha R1 VS Honda RC51 VS Ducati 1198 User/Owner Review - Part 1
A verbal run through of three great sport bikes. I made a more advanced review of my newer 2009 Yamaha R1. Link is below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwnAPjaI96w Click here to see my high quality 1198 user review, from AFTER the bike was broken in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVa7ayTygTo&list=UUpmPLhivKZymDUW3bdjrhYQ&in dex=1&feature=plcp

2012 June Honda VTR1000 SP2 2006 Final edition in Tokyo Japan.wmv
It is a thing on Sunday the other day, It met with Honda VTR1000SP2 at the motorcycle tire special shop which a friend performs. It was the last model manufactured in 2006. VTR1000SP1 and SP2 are the base models of a machine which dominated the world super motorbike. By the Colin Edwards junior player from USA, the title was gained twice with 2000 and 2002. He was the strongest rival who threatened the outstanding player Ducatii of Italy. Then, what he doubted of from beforehand was asked. He answered carefully. Q: The difference between SP1 and SP2? A: A style does not change. However, the whole of each part of the body is improved including the engine. Moreover, the loading position of the water-cooled V-Twin engine is changed. Compared with SP1, the loading position of the engine of SP2 is high. It seems that frame rigidity was improved in SP2. Probably, the handling characteristic is changed with these two elements. I think that the completeness of SP2 is high. Q: Problem? A: A motion of a suspension is bad. It is better to overhaul & tune up a front fork. I requested a special shop in Japan called okumura. It is satisfied with the performance. I think that the rear suspension does not suit a Japanese form. It seems that the male of the West with a weight of 80kg or more is assumed. I am standard and have ridden. Q: Can't the initial Puri of a rear suspension be adjusted? A: If there is dissatisfaction and it exchanges for ohlins rear ssupensuion? Q: Although this SP2 is the last model, are there a model before it and a difference? A: The body is the same as SP2, however only this last model differs in the engine characteristic. I owned SP2 of the model in 2002 before. The difference was clear. The 2002 model was the engine characteristic like the V-Twin engine. However, the 2006 model is an engine feeling like in-line 4 engine. Q: Is it exchanged for the product made from Akrapovic in Ex pipe? Is there any big difference? A: My Akrapovi is Full EX. Therefore, it is lighter-weight than standard Ex 60% or more (1/3). It can be realized when a cornering is carried out. However, exchanging with Half Ex (Slip on) could also realize the difference. Q: The engine characteristic when exchanging for Akrapovic? A: The power of high rpm is different. However, torque of 6000rpm or less was lost. A standard pipe generates effective torque from 3000rpm. The interesting talk was able to be heard. Thank you for this time. From tokyo Japan

RC51 VTR SP2 Ladybird exhaust road test
This is a short video with my new Exhaust installed. It is a slip on system from Ladybird (Simon Kobe in Japan). He sells them on eBay and various RC51 related forums. They are full titanium construction and worth every penny. These are the full size oval canisters, but he also offers the motogp style cans in long and short versions. A picture of the Exhaust on my bike can be seen here: http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh80/bmiller123/RC%2051/2011/IMG_0008-2. jpg Never mind the missed shift near the end! Still getting used to the Sato reverse shift....

RC51 Undertail Tail light Mod
This video briefly shows how I improved the tail lights in the undertail of my Honda RC51.

Jamie Britt's 2001 Honda RC51
2001 Honda RC51 with Jardine high rise pipes...listen to the beastly sound of this 996cc V-Twin. Has 04' Nicky Hayden plastics on it too.

Ducati 998R vs Honda SP2 Road Test Mecanix-TV.com
The SuperBike 2000 test on www.mecanix-tv.com between de Honda SP2 and the Ducati 998R.

Nicky Hayden Edition RC51 Two Brothers Exhaust
Sound clip of RC51 with Two Brothers Exhaust

2001 RC51 SP1 Crash at Ortega High Way
crash near on the 1st big 25mph turn. Going 60 to 76mph then cant hold on to the bike and not committed to the turn. Big mistake. hope everyone be safe up there.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1972 BMW 2002 : 8.580 @ 156.592
Tero.Laukkanen, Engine: 2.2l -16 valve, Turbos: Turbo.... Tires: M / T ET street

2001 Honda RC51 SP1: 10.727 @ 128.670
Gabriel Fournier, Engine: stock, Tires: Pilot Power 2ct

2004 Honda RC51 rvt 1000r: 10.769 @ 128.190
Bryan Cooke, Engine: stock, Tires: Dunlop d208

2005 Honda RC51 : 11.132 @ 125.153

2002 Honda RC51 : 11.145 @ 127.000

2002 Honda RC51 : 11.310 @ 126.000
GILBERT ROSALES, Engine: 999CC VTWIN, Tires: AVON AZaros 200 rear

2005 Honda RC51 : 11.407 @ 120.457
Josh, Engine: 1000cc, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: Dunlop 208

2005 Honda RC51 V Twin: 11.727 @ 119.228
Josh, Engine: 999cc, Supercharger: no Turbos: no

1967 BMW 2002 2.1 turbo: 12.250 @ 120.000
pentti pekola, Engine: 2.1 8valve, Turbos: modified holset 3 ld Tires: 245 street normal

2002 Honda RC51 SP2: 12.442 @ 113.170
Mathias Lane,

1975 BMW 2002 : 14.008 @ 98.450
Arturo Martnez, Engine: 1990, Tires: Bridgtone 215X50X13 DOT

1975 BMW 2002 tii: 15.500 @ 95.000
Jose Martinez, Engine: 2002, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: 205X50

1976 BMW 2002 : 17.466 @ 75.320
Zvonimir Kokorovic, Engine: M10 2.0L I4, Tires: 215 Sumitomo


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