Civic Type R Vs Integra Type R

The new Civic Type R beats current Integra Type R. Own a Civic Type R just below BND$60K

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Honda Integra Type R 230HP acceleration top speed km/h!!!
Honda Integra Type R 226,5HP@8495rpm/191,9Nm@7955rpm Weight 1030kgs 4th 5th gear from Y21 B16A2 Camera Panasonic Lumix FT1

Recording-Panasonic Lumix FT1,Sony DCR DVD 405e

Integra Type R Vs CRX
Integra Type R DC2 vs non vtec 1.6 CRX. I'm writing this on here now cuz I see endless arguments about what lump in in the CRX. The CRX is stripped out which makes it keep up. There, now no more beef on this video!!!