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Idiot Mercedes Drivers UK
Mercedes drivers driving badly, captured on dash cams throughout the UK. clips selected from previous bad driving compilations. Let me know what you thought about this video, it's the first of many, BMW, Audi, VW, Vans, Professional Drivers etc. Hope you enjoyed, Thanks for watching :) Thanks for everyone who sent in clips, I know a lot of clips aren't included, they will be included at some point in upcoming compilations. If it's been over a month since you sent a clip, email me to let me know! If you would like to send in a clip, I accept clips for Bonus, Bad and Nice Driving Compilations. Email me, Follow me on Instagram: Thanks to everyone who sent in clips! Contributors: J Mitchell A McEwen J Corfield D Boss D Gilbert Mattg22010 Mepzila112233 James AntiSocialMotorist PapaW Suffolk Dashcam Nick Ian D Zibbdi Dashcam Gatt RangeRoverMatty Tom A Terry C Icarus Francis The Rabbit Mark Beafle

Idiot 'Professional' Drivers UK
I'm not calling everyone of them an idiot, some make genuine mistakes, other actions cannot be defended. In my opinion, if you have to take an additional test to operate vehicles such as Trucks, Busses, Police vehicles and Taxi's (to name a few) then you have a higher level of responsibility behind the wheel then the general public. Continuing the 'Idiot' series, starting with Idiot Mercedes, Van, VW, Clueless Pedestrians, Audi drivers, Bikers and now 'Professional' drivers. Next video in this series will be Peugeot Drivers. Thank you for watching and to everyone who sends in clips! If you'd like to send in clips, email me, Instagram: Music Used: 0:00-0:36 Willie Nelson ~ On the Road Again 11:51-12:07 Steppenwolf ~ Born To Be Wild Contributors: H Ganner Barry H Plumb VWBeetleBob LunaWithAHat DaspeedzinHD RangeRoverMatty Steven B N Critchley Hunter42 Ian Clarke Nekuth Doggethistail A Haleem Hueyungtang Joe C M Collins HGV Dash Cam Footage Dan W Carl C Mike W Ian D E Sung T Barker Alfie N Wayne Atherton Steve M David A R Khan Jack B Curious Raven Richard W Kev G Dash Cam Network Darren W Bradley2810 Luke G Warren Ryan Wadam

BMW drives the wrong way just to be in front
Hatfield Avenue on the industrial estate. BMW driver must be in front of the truck in the completely dangerous manoeuvre. Credit: Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz