hyundai exel 1.5 (mitsubishi precis)

tuning restauracion pintura laterales capot con toma de aire parachoque modificado focos adaptados mascara puertas lanbo tablero personalizado e.t.c.....

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1.5L Hyundai Excel Glow Plug (Hot Bulb) Engine Pt1
Scrap X2 Excel engine that had snapped a timing belt and bent valves on no1 and no4 its not a true hot bulb, but the bulbs that replace the spark plugs are electrically heated with old diesel glow plugs. next comes proper gas injection and a good run outside until it pops I was going to bin the engine as it was, but its in too good order to do that

Hyundai Excel Turbo NOS Transformation.wmv
Transformation of my 1994 Hyundai Excel from stock to turbo Nitrous ,, from Automatic to 5 speed M/T, bigger injectors, 3 inch Exhaust piping, more icoil voltage, iridium sparks, Mustang fuel pump, and some secrets, from analog dash to digital cluster...lot of works.....

4g63 hyundai excel
4g63 6bolt 16g evo3 hyundai excel, hks blow of, pipes Intercooler 2.5", escape exaust 3.0",

tableros deportivos TATTOO CAR
Pueden apreciar en este video, los mejores tableros personalizados de todo lima, solo TATTOO CAR los hace.