Getaway in Bavaria "Porsche 996 vs. German Police"

Wer lesen kann, müsste festgestellt haben das dieses Video keine Fälschung ist! Ich war der PORSCHE-Fahrer und ich habe dafür mit Fahrverbot zu Recht büßen müssen! Anyone who can read should then know that this video is not a fake! I was the Porsche driver and I had to pay for it with a ban! Bitte nicht nachahmen, Sie würden Ihre Gesundheit gefährden! WARNING Remember when driving a car always use your turn signal, fasten your seatbelt and be a safe driver. If you are out walking or driving in Bavaria at dawn you better look both ways before crossing the street. The action featured in the "Getaway in Bavaria" video are extremely dangerous. High speed pursuits and street racing may cause serious injury. While driving, always wear your seatbelt and the proper safety equipment. Never attempt to duplicate this driving. It can result in permanent injury and even death. The driver in this film is a professional with years of training and experience. Please do not try any of this yourself. Be smart. Drive safe. Stay legal. The producers and sponsors of this film are in no way responsible for any injury or death as a result of viewing this film.

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Interview Ab 3:10 gehts los Kenne die beiden nicht! Schickt es euren Freunden via FaceBook, Twitter etc. ;) Ein Bild zur Abschreckung wo zwei Jugendliche ebenfalls mit einem Yamaha Aerox vor der Polizei abhauen wollten und der Beifahrer sich schwer verletzt hat, da der Polizist das Heck gerammt hat: Ist in Balingen passiert - Nicht nachmachen ;) Mögliche Folgen wenn man "erwischt" wird: Führerscheinentzug Führerschein ab 21 Hohe Geldstrafe Im extremen Fall Gefängnisstrafe Sozialstunden Zeitungsbericht:

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Watch part 2 here on my channel Highway is a car-movie documentary-style, where the point is to make fun of the police. As in movies like Ghost Rider and Getaway in Stockholm is the speed well over the legal. A scene in the movie called "Carlitos Swey" one can clearly see when he runs off eight police cars. This clip got attention in the newspaper in MY, July 2010. With both cameras rigged inside the car and under the grill, start crazy journey from the Globe Arena in Stockholm. The driver runs out of road 73 and at most is he reside at a speed of 280 km / h. I really think you should by this movie if you like Ghostrider and Getaway in stockholm movies

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