Smokey and the Bandit Movie 30 years Then and Now 1977-2007

Remember some of your favorite scenes from 30 years ago. Then and now! 10 min video.

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Smokey and the Bandit Locations - 2015
Once again, my apologies that you must endure my goofy mug a few times, but as I've said before, I just put these videos together to share my little adventures with family and friends. But hey, if some fans get a kick out of them, all the better! There are a few REALLY great then and now videos related to Smokey on YouTube that have been produced by others. They capture exact angles and such whereas mine are more "run and gun." BUT I DO have the first internet shots of the Coors warehouse. IT WAS NOT TORN DOWN! The owners put a new front on the building, but the old place is lurking behind the new facade. Pretty exciting find for us Smokey fans! Side note, I was almost arrested on this adventure for trespassing on the old fairgrounds. Thank goodness the officer had a sense of humor! My longer Burt Reynolds "then and now" can be seen at:

Buford T Justice - Quotes 1
Buford T. Justice Quotes from "Smokey And The Bandit 1". Enjoy! Wow so many views :) thank you to all of you = you rock! :)