DIY Adjustable Coilover Conversion Part 1


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DIY Adjustable Coilovers Part 2 (final update)
Hey guys, been a while.. thought I'd just show off what happened to that coilover project of mine. Brief overview, nothing special. Part 1 is getting quite a few hits, thought I'd finally make a follow up of it...

How to Make Coil-Over Shocks
Ever thought about installing coil-over shocks on your car? John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine Shop did too, watch as he goes through the steps on how he made his own coil-over shocks. These are going on the Blueberry Fiat 850 Sedan. (949) 631-6376 Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE. Making parts for your car can be dangerous to your health!

Jackstands visible within 30sec-35 for those of you that want to focus on that I changed the title
Jackstands visible at :30 sec -35 Friends just got a riced up prelude and were gonna fix it, first we have to make it drivable untill he can afford struts minus heated springs add 1.8 megan racing springs

How To Lower Your Car - How To Cut Springs - Lowering Springs , Eibach
How To Lower A Car . How To Cut Springs . How To Install Lowering Springs on Your Car . Pontiac Firebird Gta Iroc Z28 thirdgen V6 Eibach one inch drop lowrider Mustang ford .. How To Install Springs .. Honda . Hyundai . Toyota . Truck . Nissan . Sentra . Chevelle . Nova . Neon . Isuzu . Subaru . Third generation . Mustang . Corvette