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Delboy's Garage, Suzuki Hayabusa, Oil and Filter change.
Next stage in getting the Hire Bus ready for its 2013 duties. This time, 'oil and filter change', then just one job left to do..

Oil & Filter Change: G37 / 370Z - Motorvate's DIY Garage Ep. 8
In this episode of Motorvate’s DIY Garage, we show you how to change the oil, oil filter and reset the “oil & filter maintenance reminders” on a G37 with & without navigation. The oil + filter change portion should be the same for any Infinity or Nissan with the 3.7 v6. (G37, M35, Q50, Q70 and 370z) Presented by Please subscribe! A new episode is added second every Friday.

Honda Accord Oil Change | 2013-2016
New Channel! I have launched a new channel called "In the Garage DIY". It will focus only on DIY car related maintenance and upgrades. You can find a re-edited and better version of this video there as well as much more to come. Thanks!

Porsche Valve Adjusting, Oil Chg, New Plugs Cap & Rotor - DIY German Aircooled Garage #5
A do it yourself guide to the 15,000 mile engine servicing on your Porsche 911, including valve adjustment, oil change and replacing the cap and rotor.