bi-xenon e46 pre-restyling

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BMW E46 3 replacing burned xenon projector in Bosch AL headlight tml The BMW 3 E46 OEM xenon headlight suffers sometimes from burned projectors. Most of the times it's the ZKW headlight that has burned projectors, but also the AL Bosch Automotive Lighting headlight has this problem. The reflective coating can be burned away complete. We supply new projectors, it's very easy to replace them. This video shows how. Here you find the Bosch E46 projectors: -1.html +31 (0) 341-820220 Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands

E46 Quad Xenon Project: the last test before on car installing
Ultimo test prima di montare tutto nella mia bm. You can show a lot of photo here n-Project-on-E46-raccolta-info-56k-WARNING

E46-R projector shroud: explained how to mount centric ring Instruction video on how to mount the shroud centric ring inside the E46-R shroud so that it can easily be fit onto the Mini Bi-xenon projector. There are 2 methods. We prefer the second method. 0:08 First method: cut a flat pieces off the centric ring, so that it can fit behind the 2 clips of the shroud. You can also add some glue to be sure that it sits tight. 0:35 Second method: don't adjust the ring, but make room for the ring and glue it to the shroud. 0:40 break the 2 clips with a plier. 0:57 Now there's enough space for the shroud centric ring 1:12 Apply glue on the 3 small notches. Choose some good glue, you don't want it too loose when it's in your headlight 1:58 This is how easy attachment of the shroud to the projector is with the centric ring. Good luck with your retrofit! Any questions or looking for retrofit products? Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands

Xenon BMW E46 + washers
Xenon BMW E46 + washers 320d 2001 pre-facelift