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2018 Mercedes S Class Vs Cadillac CT6 ► German or American Luxury Sedan?
Mercedes S-Class and Cadillac CT6 are excellence premium luxury sedans come from Germany and USA. Both of them have just had the facelift version with some valuable upgrades. Today, we will make a quick comparison about specifications and design of them. Which one do you prefer? Thanks for watching! --------- Hope you enjoy this video and leave your comment bellow. To stay up to date with alot of new Video SUBSCRIBE my channel: --------- Car Comparison with all car infomation: BMW series Information: Mercedes series Information: Audi series Information: Thanks Again! :)

2017 Mercedes Benz GLS550 vs Cadillac Escalade Full Review Comparison
Facebook Fan Page Follow Me On Instagram Here This is a comparison video between the 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE550 vs Cadillac Escalade. Full Review Comparison. Hope you guys enjoyed and Dont forget to give me a BIG THUMBS UP =) Cadillac Escalade SUV Luxury base price listed @ $77,045 Mercedes Benz GLS550 base price listed @ $93,850 Subscribe to my new channel for exclusive behind the scene footage and to see things I like to do on my daily basis. link to my new vlogs channel is listed below =) THANKS ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED =) SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW VLOGS CHANNEL HERE: (MOHO VLOGS) - MY NEW VLOGS CHANNEL: (KIDSANDTOYS) - KIDS CHANNEL: New videos coming every week. ===THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE=== ==Want to see a car you like?? Comments in the comments section and ill try my best to film it ==

Mercedes Benz GL & Cadillac Escalade - Тест-Драйв
Хотите устроить настоящую проверку новенькому автомобилю? В этом вам поможет автор и ведущий программы «Тест-Драйв» - Александр Гусаров. С настойчивостью журналиста и дотошностью придирчивого водителя, Александр занимается не только сравнением автомобилей одноклассников, но и проводит тест-драйвы только что появившихся на рынке моделей. Основная задача программы не просто рассказать, но и показать на что способна каждая модель.

Drag Race Surprise - Cadillac vs Mercedes
If we told you a Cadillac beat a Mercedes Benz C300 by going 0-60 the fastest, would you assume we used our CTS-V? Watch the world's best fullsize luxury SUV race the Mercedes Benz and see what happens to the Mercedes after the race.