2008 STi P&L exhaust

2008 Subaru STi with P&L quad-tip Exhaust system. Check out P&L Motorsport's website: http://www.pandlmotorsports.com/ Direct link to this Exhaust: http://www.pandlmotorsports.com/osCommerce/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=21_378_379&products_id=452

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2008 STi Stage 2 Tuning (pump fuel)
2008 STi Dyno tuning at Surgeline in Portland, OR for STU and Stage 2 with 92 and 100 octane fuel. 100 octane only made 10whp/10wtq due to the stock injectors being too small. Surgeline uses a Mustang Dyno. Elevation is 200 ft. Temperature was in the 50s. More info at: http://www.iwsti.com/forums/gr-members-journals/180255-alyx-2008-sti-parts- reviews-stu-build.html Surgeline's website: http://www.surgeline.cobbtuning.com/

P&L Exhaust on my 2011 Subaru STi
P&L quad tip catback Exhaust, running on stock downpipe

08 Subaru STi P&L Quad Tip
this is my newley installed p&l quad tip catback Exhaust. i just installed it today and it only took an hour and a half. very easy to do. this is running off my stock downpipe. it sounds great!! nice and deep, and sounds good at wot!!! this video is ok but really does it no justice. i might have been to close with the camera. so ill post more vids later plus some vids of WOT!!

2008 Sti P&L Quad Tip Revs