Flathead Ford V8 block crack repair

An overview of block "pinning" for crack repair and deck plug installation for high compression flathead engines. Also Precision Engine Development re-issues the famous Evans Speed Equipment flathead Ford V8 cylinder heads.

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Cast Iron Crack repair
Reparing crack in casting using LOCK-N-STITCH Inc. C2F stitching pins. www.locknstitch.com www.fulltorque.com dsilva@locknstitch.com

1932 ford #104 model A or B flathead race block crack repair by tatro machine
20140506210538 1 1932 ford #104 model A or B flathead race block crack repair by tatro machine I used lock-n-stich crack repair pins. I used both castmaster and tapered pins to fix the cracks this model A block was run in a lakester at Bonneville without water. when that happened it over heated the block and cracked the one cylinder and intake port. all these ford flathead 4 cylinder blocks from 1928-34 are about the same so this repair should work for them too.

Prepping and welding the cracked head on the Stover hit and miss engine. Check out 500passwords http://www.youtube.com/user/500passwords

Flathead Ford Engine Start Up
we found this in a field. we kept the stock crank, rods, and pistons. this has new valves and guides. new crane cam, and aftermarket edelbrock heads, with fenton duel 2x2 intake with a pair of rebuilt holley 94's. i added headers with harley davidson mufflers, and a high torque mini starter. ive had some of my friends laugh at my color scheme, they thought it should be in a circus. a girl on a facebook page thought it was a spaceship so we launched it today.