2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Burnout

Fun times finishing up the second set of tires on this truck Truck has 2" leveling kit, k&n intake, and custom magnaflow Exhaust.

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2014 Donut Day.

RAM SRT-10 Boston PhotoShoot - Behind the Scenes
On Location - 1st Day of PhotoShooting. Paint (House of Kolor Brandywine Kandy with Gunmetal Gray Pearl Stripes): FCR (http://factorycollision.com). Motor: Viper V-10 with Procharger F-1X Supercharger Kit. Photographer: Joshua Sweeney (Shoot For Details: http://shootfordetails.com).

MASSIVE BURNOUT Dodge Ram SRT V10 8.3l Viper engine @ SimonMotorSportDubai 1st anniversary meet
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Lightning vs SRT-10 by S.I.M.C. Productions
Ford Lightning goes against "The Black Beast" Dodge SRT-10 supercharged Viper truck. Both of these trucks are hellacious power houses. lightning has aem intake, smaller charger pulley bringing 13.5 lbs of Boost ,with special tuned diablo sport tuner. hedman hedders and magnaflow Exhaust and 4-11 gears with shift kit.... dodge has paxton Supercharger at 5 lbs Boost, after market cam , rear traction bars, full magnaflow Exhaust system, 4-88 gears, extreme brand engine control Check out our NEW YouTube Channel!!! OpenTheGrate https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbfK1CwPdtGO8Xwz1S6s_gg