Dodge Viper ACR hanging out with the Porsche Club at Texas World Speedway

Viper ACR chasing Porsches at Texas World Speedway when 911 spins off track

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2009 Dodge Viper ACR at Texas World Speedway
Taking a friend around Texas World Speedway in a 2009 Dodge Viper ACR

Dodge Viper ACR vs. Corvette Z06 - Viper Wins at Bondurant
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TWS PDS CCW Viper ACR 91910.mpg
These are my two quickest laps of the weekend. The TWS PDS is the best if you want safe, fun and well managed track time. I always have a blast at this venue. Traffic was not too bad although it did prevent me from getting quicker times. This is more because White & Yellow were combined. The drivers in this event are awesome as they were VERY respectful and really worked well with each other.

C7 Z06 at Texas World Speedway -- 1:57.93 lap on street tires
Last NASA event ever at Texas World Speedway in College Station Texas. HPDE sessions running along with racing and time trials. Had a great time. Lots of traffic. Posted is one of the only clean laps I had all weekend.