Mustang GT 0-150mph

Just like last video flat until 130mph then uphill. It flattens out once it starts accelerating past 135. I have timed the 0-60 in this video by hand and am getting a 4.5-4.8 range with 100 popping up in around 12-12.5 seconds. If someone else can time it let me know. 268whp and 310tq at the time of filming with stock 3.27 gears. and Nitto 555's.(street tires not slicks)

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03 mustang gt 0-60 in 5.5
My 2003 Ford Mustang GT running a 0-60 test in about 5.5 secs. Mods: K&N fipk2 CAI (only performance mod), stack racking gauges, depo led taillights, and a few decals. my test was done on a dead road. i released just a little pressure on the tires to reduce wheel spin. i ran on 89 octane gasoline. "I no longer own this vehicle"

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04 Mustang Speedo playing with Nitrous
Lots of tire spin, tires are 295/35/18 with about 500 Miles on them. Nitrous hits @ 3,100 and deactivates @ 5,600 RPM's Stock suspension, 75 Shot, 5spd

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