E46 M3 AA Stage 1 with 4.10 gear hwy cruising

Active Autowerke Gen 6 stage 1 kit with BMW Motorsport 4.10 diff. Cruising 80mph on 6th gear and floor it without down shift. 80-120mph pick up on 6th gear only!

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HOW TO: BMW E46 M3 - Upgrade Rear Differential Bolts
A must-do for ALL BMW E46 M3 owners. Don't chance it and risk shearing your original full-threaded bolts. Take 20 minutes and $6 to do a little preventative maintenance. This comprehensive video will show you how to upgrade the factory rear differential bolts on your 2001-06 BMW E46 M3 with upgraded bolts from BMW. I suggest watching this video at least once before you actually start changing your bolts. Parts required: 2x BMW Part # 23001222891 (Bolt) Optional Parts: 2x BMW Part # 07119931021 (washer - you can reuse old) Tools required - - E-14 E-Torx Socket with various extensions, swivels and adapters (see video) - Ramps or Jackstands, Jack & Wheel Chock - Torque wrench rated to 61 ft lbs Ramps used in video - http://amzn.to/SNJi7V Wheel Chock used in video - http://amzn.to/1kdFcLR Filmed - iPhone 5s Edited - Final Cut Pro

E46 M3 AA HKS Stage 2 Supercharger
E46 M3 AA HKS Stage 2 Supercharger 12 psi, AA headers, AA Exhaust, AA clutch

BMW E46 M3 - Hard acceleration
Evolve Alpha-N, CSL airbox, 4.10 diff, Supersprint