Tube buggy shakedown

First real test of my new tube buggy. It did not end so well...

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4x4 off road rock crawler buggy
4x4 off road rock crawler buggy This Buggy its really Awesome Ride eazy this trail route ,with 44' TSL Boggers and Big Block V8 see more from this Buggy in our channels Subscribe to our channel and see more off road Action ,4x4 races & events ,off road Adventures and reviews ,Enduro ,mx atv & quad,Competition Challenge, Rally races , Snow wheeling 4wd epic & big Fails video and many more motosport high quality HD video follow me in Facebook page OFF ROAD EXTREME FILMS *inc*

Buggy Build 2.0 19-Sep-09
Buggy Build 2.0 - Please do not ask for plans - they do not exist. This buggy is complete and I have ride videos posted. Check my channel for the newer videos. I usually post new videos after each ride. For more info on this and other builds check out, a free forum for mini buggy builders.

SUPER ATV RCV AXLES MADRAM11 Clothing Lot of people have wanted to see the rail buggies race against the rock crawlers and it was finally arranged. The event was held at the Harlan County Campground. There were only a few rail buggies who would hit the hill because it was so steep. Mark Settles in his Subaru powered buggy won the event with a rail buggy finishing 2nd and a custom polaris rzr buggy finishing 3rd.

Buggy rescue aftermath