GOPRO(backyard mx private track)

me and a buddy throwin down some lapps behind my house in harrah

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backyard motocross track
UPDATED VIDEO OF TRACK HERE!: the new video is definitely better to watch than this one, he's also a good bit faster than me lol

Sickest Private MX Track!
Chad Cole builds the sickest private mx track! The "Cole Compound" DJ Allen, Chad Cole, Zach Beverly, Preston Thomas.

2010 Private Supercross Track
Doing a few warm up laps at my private track followed by some scrubs off the 55 foot double. The section of on-off table jumps was still under construction at the time and thats why I was detouring around them.

Private motocross practice track GoPro. HD
Just a day at my buddies track hangin out and riding with some friends. Nothing to entertaining. I will have some better ones later on from different tracks.