GOPRO(backyard mx private track)

me and a buddy throwin down some lapps behind my house in harrah

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backyard motocross track
UPDATED VIDEO OF TRACK HERE!: the new video is definitely better to watch than this one, he's also a good bit faster than me lol

private backyard mx track
a lap around kyle goerke's track

Satans Bluff 09
40° 5'59.56"N, 109°22'16.31"W on Google Earth. Hills never seem as big on video as they are in real life. It looks OK on video but it is quite scary when you are really there. I got sick of all the crybabies that have never ridden here making stupid comments so I turned comments off.

Backyard Motocross Track
Me Hunter riding my backyard dirtbike track. This was my first ride back after a dislocated shoulder.