2013+ Dodge Dart 1.4 Turbo with Forge Diverter plate from Modern Performance

We installed a Forge Diverter plate in between the stock diverter and the turbo. This plate channels air outside of the diverter, making the stock diverter sound like a aftermarket blow off valve costing many hundreds of dollars more. Easy installation, only requires a 5mm allen key to remove three bolts. Available at Modernperformance.com

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2013 Dodge Dart Turbo
Quick rev and walk around of my Dart Mods: Eibach Springs, Unichip Tune, Big FMIC, Injen Intercooler pipes, K&N Intake, 3'' Side Pipe, Modern Performance STS, Bonalume Pop Off Valve, Tork Boost leak fix kit, Deyemme Flex engine and transmission mounts,

2013 Dodge Dart 1.4 Before + After Muffler Delete
Deleted the stock muffler, added 2.5" bent pipes and custom Y pipe. K&N Intake.

2013 Dodge Dart Upgrades
Cold air intake, hot/cold side piping, and Flowmaster Exhaust. Sounds amazing.

How a turbocharger works! (Animation)
This animation explains the working principle of turbocharged Diesel engines and turbos in general. Contents 1) Alfred Büchi and its invention 2) Aircraft, cars and boats with turbochargers 3) 4-stroke Diesel engine as "naturally aspirated engine" 4) Engines at low and high RPM 5) Basic components (turbine wheel, compressor wheel, shaft) 6) Converting thermal energy into kinetic energy 7) turbo within context (Diesel engine) 8) Other components (Intercooler, wastegate)