Restart at Homestead -Jan '11

SCCA Quad Nationals - Jan '11 Restart of the (group 5) race at Homestead, at around lap16, as viewed from the WRE #48 A/S Camaro

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First Lap at Homestead
The start of the (group 5) National race at Homestead. #48 WRE Camaro (SCCA) American Sedan (A/S)

2010 Danny Steyn's first SCCA Spec Miata Runoffs comes to an end - Road America
Danny Steyn gets taken out in the T12 /T13 incident at the 2010 SCCA Runoffs in the Spec Miata class. Jeff Labounty makes contact with Matt Pombo pushing Pombo into Valafar. Valafar comes sideways across the track right in front of Steyn. Craig Berry is the car in front of Steyn

A/Sedan Runoff Race
2010 SCCA Nat'l Runoffs American Sedan Race

THE MOON, an alien UFO base, a satellite that doesn't belong to us...
If you are another who is talking about the film "Iron Skies" with a "Nazi base" on the moon, it was made decades after the probe Clementine take these pictures. Search first, and then opine more wisely, or do not waste your time watching this video. We are making a new video with new details in higher resolution so you can see what is actually being omitted on the Moon. August, 2012