1968 mercury cougar 454 ss.wmv

Heres our 1968 Mercury cougar gasser father son build. This car took us 2 1/2 years just to get to the point you see it now. and currently the car is being torn back down and finished 100%. all the small stuff will get done. Its right side drive home made not from england or australia and is a 4 speed. very unique car. one of a kind. Our saying is DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. and thats what we did

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Modern Touches - 1967 Cougar - Holley LS Fest
Some of the true blue Ford enthusiasts out there might say Andrew had to be out of his mind to shoehorn an LS engine between the fenders of his ’67 Cougar. We would have to disagree, especially with the Holley Hi-ram poking through the hood! This is what we love about LS Fest. Andrew is just one of the very many different types of enthusiasts this event brings out of the woodwork.

Altered wheelbase Dart maiden voyage
Dale's Dart is finally mobile and we take it around the block

1967 Cougar with Alcohol Injected 418 SBF
This is a 20 second sound bite from my 67 Cougar idleing. Ready for race season.

1968 mercury cougar 454 gasser 4 speed project/build
This is our father son build of our 68 mercury cougar. started out as a rusty ol shell. with 3.5 frame rails that we did on a harsh budget. the car was home build in a 1.5 car garage and not for 15 grand...its a real budget car enjoy