2010 Prius Electronic Stability Control test

Testing the stability Control in my 2010 Prius. Sorry for the average quality video. I only had my cellphone at the time.

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Toyota Traction Control Demonstration
I cropped this video so it would upload to YouTube and because my favorite part is the ABS vs VSC vs VDIM comparison. I wanted to post it on YouTube because the original site is sometimes choppy. The original video comes from here http://www.nihoncar.com/en/review-330-X.html. Visit this site to watch the entire video

How Effective is Stability Control
5th Gear tests stability control and ABS and shows how much of a difference it can make on one of the worst surfaces we drive on - Ice.

12 News Investigates Electronic Stability Control
Car experts are calling it the most important safety feature since seat-belts. If you have a teenage driver at home, it may be the best way to protect your child on the road.

Euro NCAP | Toyota Prius | 2009 | ESC test
http://euroncap.com/results/escperf.aspx Euro NCAP carried out sine-with-dwell tests according to the ESC GTR global technical regulation, which is based on the US regulation FMVSS126. The testwere completed on all cars whose results were released in 2009. For cars that allowed the ESC system to be switched off, tests were carried out with ESC ON and OFF. Cars were tested by undergoing multiple runs, sometimes as much as 60 per car, each time increasing the steering angle and input. The clip shows the first ESC off test where the car span out. The ESC on test is the one with the same steering input.