Box Chevy LS On 28s Pt. 2

Box Chevy LS on 28s from Kankakee,Illinois

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Kandy Caprice on 28s
Dub Baller 28s sliding down I-25 rolling kandy Brandywine paint on the box chevy. 28s on box chevy caprice looking good

Chevy Caprice On 28" Sitting
Southside rims .. Atlanta ga 770-968-4737..

So Icy Boys Chicago LS Brougham on 28"s Lexanis

Cleanest Box Chevy in MS TN & ARK!! PT 2
Just pull the box out after a 2week nap in the garage covered up.. ALL systems clear: motor,digi,L.E.D. Brakelight,sunroof,billet,26 in ROCKSTARRs,E&G Grill, Fiberglass, DOUBLE DIN, STOOPID TRUNK WORK... Yea I'm GOOD!!!