GMC Canyon - Extreme Hagglunds All Terrain Vehicle

Take the ride of your life in Bill Feeley's custom built GMC Canyon Extreme Hagglunds All Terrain Vehicle

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Permanently Fix Flat ATV Tires with TireJect ??
Dry Rot, Bead Leaks, Nails, Sidewall punctures are no issue. These 30yr old ATV tires permanently sealed and back into service in under 5 min. They sealed right up and held air for the first time in a LONG time. This liquid rubber and Kevlar are a permanent repair and will protect from future punctures. This stuff is MADE IN THE USA, non toxic, non corrosive and easy to clean up. I have used literally gallons of Goopy slime type sealants over the past 20years and this is the easiest and quickest I've ever had tires seal, especially for sidewall/bead leaks. *Here is where you buy it 32oz+injector: 20oz pouch: Large ATV tire takes 8oz Golf Cart tire 4oz Go Kart tire 4-6oz Wheel Barrow 2oz Hand truck 1oz You can watch their video on it: What ATV was the star of the show?: This is a rare Avenger 400 ATV. They were on of the first ATVs back in the 80's. They were competing with bigger names like the Honda and lost. It has a Kohler 8hp with a torque converter style clutch.