Mazda Rx7 Racing Beat True Duals Video

A vid of my 91 N/A Rx7 with Racing Beat True Dual Exhaust. There is a fluttering on deceleration that is a little concerning.

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1988 RX7 GTU Racing Beat True Duals
1988 RX7 GTU with Racing Beat True Dual Exhaust.

1990 rx7 racing beat true dual exhaust but with stock mufflers
rx7 exaust issue

Ultimate Mazda RX-7 Sound Compilation
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Mazda rx7 fc3s s4 racing beat headers presilencer apexi exhaust
Just a quick video of my s4 NA with racing beat headers + pre silencer and a half of a apexi n1 dual system. The video is quiet, its actually a bit louder in person, I still havent had a chance to drive the car yet and see how it feels and sounds driving it, but wanted to post up a video anyways. And yes I am revving up to 7k the first few times, there is backfiring, but you can't really hear it in the video. the end of the video is just a couple quick blips. I had to have a small custom section of pipe made to connect the apexi to the racing beat system, if you want to see it search my username on rx7club and look for my thread I have some pictures in there.